Complete set Comprehensive Bass Method Book 1+2 en 12 Jazz Etudes

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In book 1 many, many of the aspects that are relevant for a jazz bassist are covered. Harmony, rhythm, posture, thumb position, soloing .... it goes on and on. Many photo's show desirable hand and arm positions. The exercises of Book 2 are all described here, their subject, their approach, examples and method are described clearly. A book that has a value for any jazz bassist that is active as a performer; on whatever level.


Volume 2 shows you hundreds of exercises dealing with specific challenges each time. All exercises show clear and logic fingerings and are worked out meticulously. Rhythm, cross rhythms over standard progressions, reading elements. A book that can keep you occupied for many, many years. All exercises are objective and try to deal with a certain aspect as explicitely as possible. A CD with all exercises in MIDI is included


Twelve etudes dealing with a different aspect of improvising over harmonic material. Each etude is in fact a transcribed solo that exposes a certain subject as clear as possible. The solo is analyzed and preliminary exercises are given. All transcriptions are detailed and with the correct fingerings.


Here the table of content that gives a clear idea what to expect:



Each etude is in fact a transcribed solo that exposes a certain subject as clear as possible. In this way theory becomes music. The book explains the thoughts behind the improvisation, and gives you specific preliminary exercises. A true integration of theory, harmony, thinking and listening. A book that gives you the tools to put your soloing on a more advanced level. Enjoy!

play-along CD included

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Extra informatie
Auteur Hein van de Geyn
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Verschenen in 2007
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Uitgeverij Baseline Music
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Hein van de Geyn

Hein van de Geyn


HEIN  VAN  DE  GEYN was born in 1956 in Holland in a very musical family and started playing music from an early age on. His father was an amateur tenor saxophonist and great Jazz lover. Hein was classically trained by studying the violin for 15 years. On the side Hein played guitar and played Pop and Blues. In his late teens he picked up the electric bass and became interested in Jazz.

Soon Hein was working with some of the Dixieland-bands in the south of Holland, but also formed his first Bebop group. With this group he received the award as "best soloist" at the contest of the 1977 Laren Jazz festival. It was after this that he decided to pick up the double bass, and really pursue his dream to become a Jazz musician. In the meantime though he finished his classical music studies at the conservatory of Tilburg.

After gaining much experience in all kinds of styles, Hein went to the USA in 1980 to tour with Mark Lewis. He decided to move there and did so after graduating, as the first in the country, from the Jazz department of the Rotterdam conservatory, where he studied with Koos Serierse.

After living in Seattle for a while and being much inspired by Gary Peacock, he moved to San Francisco in 1981. Here he was in a band with John Abercrombie and Larry Schneider, played with many great musicians, recorded some albums, and generally  learned a lot about  the reality of being a Jazz musician.

In 1983 Hein returned to Holland and has since been establishing himself as one of the most sought after bass players in Europe. He has been the bass player with Philip Catherine between 1985 and 2000 and recorded 9 CD's with him. Hein has toured all over Europe and played in Africa, Israel, Rumania and Thailand with Philip. In 1987 he toured and recorded in Japan with Chet Baker. Hein was also the bassist on the last concert of Chet Baker in Rotterdam in 1988. This was also the year he started to play with, and arrange for Dee Dee Bridgewater, with whom he has been performing at most of the important festivals and stages in Europe (Montreux, Antibes, Vienne, Berlin, Marciac, Northsea, London ...) as well as in North America (Carnegie Hall, Village Vanguard, Montreal, Newport Festival ...) and Japan (Keystone Corner, Blue Note). After three albums and numerous tours and performances Hein and Dee Dee's paths separated in 1996 since Hein wanted to pursue his own career as a leader and producer.